Account market Accounts Standoff 2 Account = 45€
Antinup 9

02.10.2023 78

Game: Standoff 2

Description: Hi my name is Elevate and I am known as a standoff 2 player, I have a good reputation in Europe as a competitive player. I want to sell my standoff 2 account or sell gold, because I would like to buy a new account or work on one.
— Account = 45€
ID 44477189
— Golds:
- 1000g = 10€
- 2000g = 20€
- 3000g = 30€
(Im not going first, so dont waste my time)

Game account sale Standoff 2
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Withdrawal of funds: waiting up to 3 days with payment system commission of 3%

Price: 49 $

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