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9/6/2023 43

Game: Genshin Impact

Description: WTS:
Asia Server
Male MC
14 5s Characters
Venti, Zhongli, Raiden, Ayato, Ayaka, Kazuha, Eula, HuTao, Ganyu, Albedo(C2), Tartaglia,
Keqing(C1), Qiqi(C3), Jean(C2).
13 5s weapons
Primordial Jade Winged Spear x2, Engulfing Lightning, Everlasting Moonglow,
Skyward Harp, Freedom Sworn, Haran Geppaku Futsu, Aquila Favonia x2,
Skyward Blade, Skyward Pride, Mistsplitter Reforged, Skyward Blade.
Ein Immernachtstraum (Fischl)
Orchid's Evening Gown (Ningguang)
Summertime Sparkle (Barbara)
Sea Breeze Dandelion (Jean)
BP weapons
The Black Sword R2, The Viridescent Hunt R5.
Event Weapons
Festering Desire, Luxurious Sea Lord, Windblume Ode, Dodoco Tales,
Oathsworn Eye, Cinnabar Spindle, Fading Twilight, Toukabou Shigure.
Event Items
Xiao Lantern, Lyre, etc.
Mini Seelie Curcuma, Mini Seelie Viola, Mini Seelie Moss,
Endora, Shiki Koshou, Cloud Retainer's Damasked Device
Tons of Billets
Tons of mats
Tons of Furnishing
Tons of Artifacts (5*x1500+)
Tons of quest
20 Crowns
Last time I opened the account is when Sumeru came out and played a little then that's it.
User & B-day Set. Can change E-mail.
PM Offers.
Cash first/MM

Game account sale Genshin Impact
Game account sale Genshin Impact
Game account sale Genshin Impact
Game account sale Genshin Impact
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