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01.10.2023 106

Game: Overwatch

Description: 🩷 PINK MERCY ACCOUNT (PC) 🩷
Level 15 (in OW1)
Overwatch coins: 30 (yellow)
Credits: 500 (white)
Won 35/50 games (competitive locked)
No connection (can be connected with Xbox, Switch, Playstation)
🩷 Mercy - PINK, ATLANTIC 2019 and Camouflage
🩷 DVA - Academy
. . and 3-4 rare skins more for other heroes. .
Junkerqueen, Kiriko
Locked Chars:
Ramattra, Lifeweaver and Illari
More pics per DM 🩷
Give me offers. Dont lowball lol
*Paypal, Skrill, Wise

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Price: 64 $

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Аккаунты to the game Apex Legends| Author: Antinup 07.12.2023Transaction amount: 150 $

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