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30.10.2023 24

Game: Throne Kingdom at War

Description: 1) 35th, 70 ger, 400b strength, 35 lvl vip. All cardinals.
2) Profile + lock gear for peaks with all gold runes. Dorsky reconnaissance gear with violet runes. Collected Dor gear for siege troops.
3) Foreigner 250 out of 400, 0 out of 400, 400 out of 400.
4) All houses are 35. A pile of enki, a pile of 150l t7, a total of 900 lyam in the city. about half a trillion of each res except food, its 1 trillion. Lots of achievements and models!
5) 220 crews. Buy and fly to ANY state!!!
It could have been 1 trillion, I didn’t overclock it on purpose so that my order could play with an equal opponent.

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