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04.11.2023 11

Game: Black Desert


Description: Striker level 62, hasashin 61, nova 61. The striker has almost all 19 boss gear, additional weapon kutum 20 (everything is visible on the screen). There are 1700 crown stones available, equipment in the screenshot. Premium culinary clothes, cooking GM-6. 6 maids (3 warehouse, 3 auction). Changing the character's name is available in the mail. There is a lot of Valks advice and protests, you just need to charm the desire. from the ships of the epherian brigantine. There are 500 million silver on hand, 143 pearls. The eternal flute of the caster, changing the type of horse, pet, your appearance, the horse is a trotter (there is a drift and a dash). I created and played for myself, got a job, no time to play.

Game account sale Black Desert
Game account sale Black Desert
Game account sale Black Desert
Game account sale Black Desert
Game account sale Black Desert

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