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Old acc. 297 total level, 77 legs - Accounts Hearthstone

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05.11.2023 10

Game: Hearthstone


Description: An old account with a lot of goodies on it. Akk was in the legend, there is a legendary shirt, there are 22 shirts in total. A bunch of cards (of which 77 are legendary), 9940 free dust, there are purchased and received animated portraits: Lunara (Druid), Alleria (Hunter), Medivh (Mage), Sir Annoyance (Paladin), Maiev (Rogue), Magni (Warrior) . There are adventures: League of Explorers (Standard passed), Karazhan (Standard passed), The Frozen Throne (Standard passed and 4 runes collected), The Boomsday Project (Standard passed), and all new adventures, but they are not completed. I'm selling my account because I stopped playing XC a long time ago. There are also high levels in WoW, but this is so, an addition, there is the highest level, I don’t remember what level, I received a free upgrade as part of the promotion. Battletag: VladBat#21244 for verification

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