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11/6/2023 54

Game: Escape from Tarkov

Description: Played on the account for more than 5 months. I'm fed up, I don't have time to play anymore, I played the recent update, the computer can't handle it anymore, I found another game. I can personally provide a video demonstration. Account after wipe, 1 million and all sorts of little things. I don’t need an account anymore, I don’t intend to play, I’m giving it away for a symbolic cost of $15. I suggest by transfer to your email, since I need my email and it is linked to other services that are important to me.

Game account sale Escape from Tarkov
Game account sale Escape from Tarkov
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Withdrawal of funds: waiting up to 3 days with payment system commission of 3%

Price: 15 $

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Аккаунты to the game Lords Mobile| Author: Antinup 17.01.2024Transaction amount: 35 $

Спасибо! Сделка прошла хорошо!

Аккаунты to the game Rise Of Kingdoms| Author: Antinup 17.01.2024Transaction amount: 200 $

good deal

Аккаунты to the game Standoff 2| Author: GivioN 17.01.2024Transaction amount: 37 $