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07.11.2023 11

Game: Perfect World Mobile

Description: Magician for sale https://mypers. pw/19/#1075341
70pa+12 not for rent, XX gear, a lot of rarok
Catalog 35/24/22/13
House 7700 prosperity collect 80 pa you can eat 7 essences for it without any problems
https://ibb. co/Ky60htV
https://ibb. co/YZBt39W
https://imgbb. com/jfhyJdP

On the charm:
- Circle +11-12,
- Embossed phases on XX clothes (Greaves xx2 - phase 2, boots xx2 - phase 3, bracers xx3 - phase 1) there are crystals in leggings and boots,
The final cape is almost assembled
- 3 pas circle,
- Hegemony +9,
- Ring and belt р9р3,
- 9th heaven of ideal,
- Virtue lvl 4 (new passive for defs),
- 10 bones,
- 27 entities,
- 5 vchd cards,
- 9 rune from the event,
- a lot of expenses.
Also on Akka there is a paradise Tank 103-102-102 wearing r8r cloak of ascension +8 bottom kubo bizhi +9 30 pa to +8 treatise and iris through the general
I go to Ib as a magician in my gear and have my own arena squad

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Price: 214 $

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Аккаунты to the game Apex Legends| Author: Antinup 07.12.2023Transaction amount: 150 $

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