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06.09.2023 81

Game: Overwatch

Platform: PC

Description: Selling my Overwatch 2 account (Only played on PC)
RFS: Quitting due to academic purposes
Selling for 65USD, open for negotiation
DM if interested
With 2 Finished battlepass from season 2 and 3 (one unfinished from season 4)
Only 1 golden skin - torbjorn
Only the new hero wasn't unlocked
Skins per hero
Dva : officer, sleighing, infinity ace
Junker Queen: Zeus, Black metal
Orisa: OR15, Overwatch 2 OW league skin
Ramattra: Traveling monk, Poseidon, Primordial
Reinhart: Paragon
Roadhog: Pachimari
Sigma: Talon, Galactic
Winton: Extraterrestrial, Tactical
Wrecking ball: Asteroid, Smoke
Zarya: Tactical
Ashe: Socialite, Intergalactic Smuggler
Bastion: Overgrown, Gingerbread, Infinite Annihilation
Cassidy: Mystery Man, Invisible Man, Space Raider
Echo: Kkachi, Dancing Machine
Genji: Carbon fiber, Overwatch 2 OW league skin, Contenders home/away skin
Hanzo: Okami, Festival
Junkrat: Fool, Hong Hai Er
Mei: Snow Plum
Pharah: Security Chef, Hades
Reaper: Blackwater Reyes, Chasa, Cursed Captain
Soldier 76: Strike Commander Morrison, Bug Hero, Space Raider, Mumen Rider
Sobra: Folklorica
Sombra: Utopaea, Cobra Queen
Torbjorn: Woodclad (with golden gun)
Tracer: Slipstream, Street Urchin
Widowmaker: Winter
Ana: Botanist, Shrike
Baptiste: Deluxe
Brigitte: Vampire Hunter
Kiriko: Amaterasu, Sukajan
Lifeweaver: Phi Ta Kon, Cassia
Lucio: Space Prince, Hermes, Bitrate, Disco
Mercy: Valkyrie, Honey Bee
Moira: Mask Dancer, Demon Queen, Pale
Zenyatta: Ascendant, Carbon Fiber

Game account sale Overwatch
Game account sale Overwatch
Game account sale Overwatch
Game account sale Overwatch
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Price: 71 $

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