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Daniel66 0

04.11.2023 10

Game: EVE Online


Description: 235kk sp. He can do everything, drives all ships (except 2 titans). Shoots from everything in the game. Excellent T1-T2-T3 production worker and researcher. A perfect scanner and a very profitable miner. There are about 10kkk in the account. and 100kkk with not much in assets (ships, weapons, minerals, drawings, etc. , etc. ). Not a bad set of implants. Has several clones, all of which have good implants. There are two twinks, slightly tailored for small production and a copier. The security status is the highest. All agents are open (and those who are not open due to the faction stand will open after several tasks. In skillful hands, they will be an uber earner of toffees or a mega bender.
p. s. the price is automatically reduced.

Game account sale EVE Online
Game account sale EVE Online
Game account sale EVE Online

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Price: 630 $

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