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11/7/2023 36

Game: Path of Exile

Description: Fat account, more than 6 years of active play on it, a huge number of things, almost the entire collection of uniques, legacy versions, top rolls, 6 links, some things costing from 45-100 ex and above, a lot of currency, you will find everything for a comfortable and enjoyable game aesthetics :)
*16 heroes at standard lvl 88-100 (all dressed + uber lab)
*MTX (tabs) 134 premium: 2 for currency, 1 for fragments, 1 for essences, 1 for divination cards, 3 for cards, 1 for unique items, 1 Delve leagues, 1 Delirium leagues, 1 Metamorph leagues, 1 Fel leagues, 88 regular premium tabs, 32 huge premium tabs + 157 tabs from which you can “only pick up” and they are filled with items for sale (trading does not stand still)
*MTX (externals) more than 165 pieces: various externals, including those received from leagues that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game + 3 support sets
*I will give it by mail, there is no connection to Steam, I will answer all questions - I will provide links upon request.

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kesepakatan bagus. Terima kasih

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good deal. Thank you